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Confessions of a housewife…..

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 An increasing number of women are holding the view that they should be career women instead of being housewives. This trend, in my eyes, might be the result of the improvement to women’s status in the society, the fact that the society has recognized their importance. They should have the same rights as men in job hunting and fulfilling their desire to succeed. However, some women still prefer to be a housewife. I think both of the choices are acceptable. It depends on your own attitude towards life.
Then what are the differences between a housewife and a career woman? To begin with, in terms of their personality, a housewife might be very meek / gentle and mild. She can always reach every aspect of a matter. It is considerate of her to deal with all the troubles in the family. While a career woman has a stronger personality. She might be a perfectionist. When handling some affairs or encountering some difficulties, she would never allow herself to give up / she would always persevere and always try her best to solve the problems.
There are many who’d gape in amazement if you say that you are a homemaker.because a housewife is seen upon as one who instructs the domestic help about work and simply whiles away time shopping, talking on phone or watching television. (This is gross misrepresentation)
Being a house wife…”I deeply resent the implication that I am lazy, shallow, or just plain crazy for staying home,” . I am not…….!!!!!
Its not that i had always loved to be a house wife… ( Due to social reasons, health reasons n family status,i couldn’t pursue a career .)I used to think…
“What about my career , my identity?”
“How can I simply be at home after studying so much?”…. n much more…
To be honest, i was depressed being just a housewife… being just at home, i go stir crazy, completely batty and frustrated. My husband gets mad at me for constantly being mad at him, but i wasn’t mad at him I was irritated from being locked into a routine.
As a housewife i hardly have time to interact with others, when my hubby gets home he is to tired to talk and it dosnt feel as though anything you say is important anyway. at least that is how it felt for me, i ended up with an inferiority complex n depression… because i had nothing interesting n worthwhile in life.
“Acceptance”..yes…The real change came about when I finally realized, “I could frecking cry myself to death on this bed everyday n still–NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO RESCUE ME. There are no ways out .my mom also help me realize that.”All one crave in a life is a dignified existence…”
I do not know if this will help anyone else, but during the time i was home alone and loosing my sanity from boredom I resolved… get a grip on myself…n started picking up random things to help  myself…
Yes it can be hard..n  lonely at times, but at least I am not bogged down with work pressures, deadlines n politics, like my hubby… I can please myself…n pursue my hobbies. Like everybody I have my bad days, so I go for a walk or sometimes shopping,reconnect with my friends n many odd things.. The key is ,just to get out of the house, then when I come back home n the feeling that,”I am not going mad after all.”is grt…..
Eventually i got to maintain my home n my sanity both…I learn to let go of the do-it-all, have-it-all mentality. one can’t do it all. One can try, but life will pass you by…
I started enjoying being a housewife…now all I’m worried about is meal planning and making sure my house is clean and welcoming for my family and that I am keeping all extended family members connected and in the loop. I love to devote my attention to where it really should be: my home and my husband.
I am proud to be a housewife. And no, I do not “contribute nothing to society”. I run a healthy n happy family…… no easy task….if you must know….
What is wrong in being a ‘homemaker’, and for that matter, can’t housewives be well-educated or is it taboo for a college-educated woman to be a housewife? One should not undermine the effort of a housewife, just because she isn’t paid it’s not about being paid, it’s about being valued, and everything a woman does to make the home comfortable for her family is simply invaluable.
What I am trying to say is that one must respect a person’s decision to be either a homemaker or a career woman. What’s your take on it? Is it any crime to be just a housewife/homemaker?

 This write up was inspired by a dear frd.. urvi varia…